Efficient public administration

The time has come for us to talk about efficient public administration. We are in an era where many services were affected with the arrival of technology, and we could not help but talk about the need to adapt Public Administraion.

The digital tools arrive to support the public bodies in the search for efficiency, celerity and transparency in the processes. And we are here to say: we are together with you, ready to increase the efficiency of the processes and at the online services, guaranteeing the quality for the citizen.

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  • Increase the efficiency and agility of the processing of processes
  • Save resources with office supplies, transport and document storage
  • Streamline workflows and reduce bureaucracy
  • Offer online services to the citizen and eliminate the service queues

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In the municipality of São Bernardo do Campo, with around 830 thousand inhabitants and the 16th Brazilian GDP, the digital transformation focused on the citizen began in 2016, with the hiring of Softplan by the city hall for the digitalization of services and processes. Today, the Secretariat of Private Works, one of the organs with the most paper circulation, is already 100% digital and 70% of all procedures for the internal service of sectors and the external public are digital.

Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo - Success Story

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