Digital transformation in the public sector

Transforming paper processes into digital processes and, thus, providing efficient, transparent and quality services for the citizen. This is the main goal when talking about digital transformation in the public sector.

Digital transformation is not just about using technology. It serves as a means to reshape processes and provide benefits for everyone, from the public servant to citizen. Therefore, it is necessary to think of strategies to go beyond the operational and transform the governance model, investing in capabilities that guarantee their impact. It is still fundamental to make all these changes be acknowledged and absorbed by the people who are part of or are affected by the organization.

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In the municipality of São Bernardo do Campo, with around 830 thousand inhabitants and the 16th Brazilian GDP, the digital transformation focused on the citizen began in 2016, with the hiring of Softplan by the city hall for the digitalization of services and processes. Today, the Secretariat of Private Works, one of the organs with the most paper circulation, is already 100% digital and 70% of all procedures for the internal service of sectors and the external public are digital.

Municipality of São Bernardo do Campo - Success Story

SC Rural is a program of the Government of the State of Santa Catarina, financed by the World Bank, which trained more than 90,000 families to guarantee their permanence in the countryside and the strengthening of family farming. Watch the video and see how the use of SAFF, a digital solution for managing co-financed projects, was fundamental to the success of the program.

SC Rural - Success Story
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