Innovation is in our DNA

We work hard on innovation throughout SOFTPLAN. We are motivated, day by day, to transform the problems and needs of the society in innovative solutions, with the application of the most diverse technologies.

We have the challenge of aligning the challenges of the market with technology and creativity, involving employees, market and startups. We apply different forms of innovation, such as Intrapreneurship, M&A, Venture Building and Corporate Venture.

And the results? Many initiatives in the areas in which we are specialists: Lawtech, Public Administration, Construction Industry and Health.

We’re not taking some time off, but we’re having a lot of fun around here. We will show you some of what we’re doing! Designing the future to change the world.

Our awards

The awards received in recognition of the dedication of an entire team engaged in creating and innovating.

Collaboration that makes the difference!

We know we’re not alone, and that makes all the difference. Interacting with the ecosystem, listening to suggestions of clients, empowering our collaborators. In addition to having several visions, we also believe in multidisciplinarity, which makes innovation work infinitely more complete.

  1. We solve real problems with customer insights and our expertise in the areas in which we operate

  2. Humans above all! We create a collaborative and entrepreneurial culture

  3. We stimulate innovation in an agile way, generating new businesses without necessarily having to create them

  4. We optimize the innovation process of startups, sharing resources, reducing costs and, consequently, the risks


Public Administration

We bring the most modern forms of technology to the areas of Management of Administrative Documents, Construction, Roads and Infrastructure.

Construction Industry

We want to make a difference in people’s lives through information technology, solving major problems of the Construction Industry.


We create innovative solutions using Analytics, Data Science, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Mobility for the Public and Private Justice segment.

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