Main benefits

Visual schedule that allows you to simulate, define and execute planning with more agility and precision.

Complete analysis of all stages of the job site with measurements via an application, projects in Kanban and a detailed Dashboard.

Mobile application that enables data collection directly from the job site, with photos and observations of activities.

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Centralized information 

Have all job site information consolidated in didactic and interactive graphics on the Dashboard. Monitor the main indicators on a screen, in real time and from any device.   


Visual schedule 

Our schedule is inspired by the Line of Balance technique and allows the user to understand the plan of attack and observe dependency relationships in an agile way. 

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Flexibility of EAPs 

Connect budget to schedule with independent frameworks and weight linkages directly in the platform.  

Focus on customer success 

Personalized support via chat directly on the platform, in addition to articles, videos and frequently asked questions in the Help Center.  


Integration with other systems 

Easily export information to Excel, MS Project or directly via public API.