With the first wave of digital transformation, which is basically the elimination of paper usage in processes of any nature, transforming them into digital documents, we have been generating a huge volume of data.

But what to do with these data? It is the world of Big Data, where the availability of data in large quantity and variety allows the use of techniques, tools and approaches derived from data science.

But what is data science? It was born from the combination of four areas of knowledge:

  • Computer science: with the ability to program – to transform logic into code;
  • Mathematics, in particular the disciplines of statistics and probability; and linear algebra, with the application of vectors, equations and matrices. This allowed the incorporation of these concepts in programming codes;
  • Computer engineering, which benefited from Moore and Krider’s Laws, which accurately predicted the exponential increase in both the processing power of computers and the decreasing cost of data storage. This condition allows complex codes, applied in huge volumes of data, to be stored and processed in the appropriate time and at an affordable cost;
  • And finally, psychology, in particular subjects related to behavioral theory and human cognition. These areas explain and anticipate the human decision-making process, exploring its most intrinsic characteristics and limitations.

With data science, the sky is the limit. With it, you can merge techniques, approaches and tools related to machine learning, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and analytics. Data is considered the oil of the 21st Century. What each company will do with these data is what will differentiate them. Softplan already maintains a data science laboratory and applies various techniques to approaches in our solutions!

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