Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a broad concept, covering areas such as robotics and natural language processing.

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In a simplified way, it can be defined as computers performing functions that were thought to be exclusively human, such as writing, speaking, learning, recognizing facial expressions, and more.

We use AI resources in a number of Softplan solutions at various levels of application and complexity. In our case, Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to combine techniques with different objectives, the most common being to suggest and recommend actions, optimize the services provided and reduce repetitive demands that occupy a significant portion of the time of professionals.

With the vast availability of data in text form, meaning, in natural language, it becomes possible to apply computational and mathematical techniques for classification, extraction and automatic interpretation of these, with human participation only in the tasks of supervision, orientation, validation and correction. Natural language processing is the subarea of artificial intelligence that provides techniques, devices and tools to, among other objectives, extract and classify elements from texts.

In the Big Data scenario, the application of AI in a strategic and incremental way to human specialized knowledge is an essential resource to support the decision-making process.

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