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In a dynamic scenario driven by innovation, Softplan stands out as a true ecosystem. In it, each element represents a csolid commitment to excellence, the customer, the team and results and transformation through innovation

The company was born with the purpose of transforming people's lives through technology and it is increasingly alive in Softplayers – what we call our team members. 

until today the Softplan culture has a strong legacy of making a difference in people's lives through solutions that aim to improve the efficiency of the markets in which we operate. Our values “Together We Are Stronger”, “Focus on Customer Success”, “Softplayers Are Our Foundation”, “Result-Oriented Strategic Vision” and “Transformation-Oriented Innovation” They are more than principles.

They are the foundation that support every project, decision and interaction at Softplan. Each value was chosen with precision, to reflect the commitment of the company and everyone who joins us to develop not just software, but a community where the strength of unity, focus on the customer, valuing the team, the search for results and transformation through innovation are what moves us.

Continue reading to understand in practice what it means to be a Softplayer and the actions we take to strengthen Softplan culture. Good reading! 

Softplayer A+ Recognition Program: Softplan’s culture in practice

For us, Softplan's values ​​are the pillars that support our culture, which is why we created the “Softplayer A+” program, which strengthens this concept. The premise of this action is to provide a space for recognition for behaviors and attitudes aligned with our values, in which we reward both the Softplayers who received the most recognition and also those who gave the most recognition. 

 This is because they are the ones who make the program run. In this program, Softplayers have one coin per day to recognize attitudes and behaviors that were “A+” and that are aligned with Softplan’s values.

Since launch in 2021, there have been more than 35.000 recognitions made through the program and more than 1.600 Softplayers awarded. The cycles are quarterly and the prizes are collectible items of our values, such as mugs, slippers, squeeze bottles and moleskine.

Each cycle personalizes a value from our culture. This initiative became a success among Softplayers and is one of the most mentioned topics in organic posts on the company's social networks.

The Softplan Way of Being GPTW: Certifications that Reflect Our Essence

For the 7th consecutive year we were certified as a “Great Place to Work” and for us it is not just a certification. It is a seal that reflects our dedication to making Softplan a place where each individual stands out. 

This distinction is not just about pleasant working relationships, but about aa culture that nurtures talent, values ​​diversity and celebrates collective achievements. It is the recognition that, here at Softplan, we have grown together and we are a community that is driven by making a difference. 

We reach 36th position in the National Ranking of large companies and 13th position in the National Ranking of large technology companies in this certification.  For us, it is a great satisfaction to be a reference employer brand in the technology segment, where we have been operating for over 30 years. 

We know that these achievements are reflections of the environment that all Softplan leaders and employees strive to build every day.

Be part of this universe of possibilities at Softplan

If the pulse of innovation runs through your veins and the commitment to excellence motivates you, we invite you to participate in our opportunities. At Softplan, we don't just build technology: we build careers. Discover available vacancies, participate in our selection process and join us in the mission of transforming challenges into opportunities, as we build the future of technology together.At Softplan, we are not just building software but transforming the future. Come explore this journey, with us, where innovation finds purpose and work becomes an expression of values ​​that transcend the ordinary. The Softplan Universe awaits your discovery: Click here and check out available vacancies!

Danielle dos Santos Engrazia

Danielle dos Santos Engrazia

Graduated in administration from the State University of Rio Grande do Sul and postgraduate in People Management and Education Models that Transform from PUC-RS. Danielle has 10 years of experience in the area of ​​People Management, specializing in human development in the corporate context, with experience in leadership development and corporate education programs, as well as a background in design methods applied to culture initiatives and organizational structure.

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