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Knowledge management It is a topic that is present daily in our routines, but that still remains in the “business shadow.” However, like every challenge, the good part is that organizations and professionals who understand the importance of this issue will always come out ahead, in any scenario. 

Continue reading to understand more about knowledge management and how we work with this concept here at Softplan. 

Knowledge management in practice

Knowledge management It is still a renegade issue on the agendas of many boards. However, at Softplan, this change has already happened. 5 years ago, the first knowledge management team was structured looking for solutions to operational problems related to software sold for public justice. 

The team was born and grew as the theme gained maturity and, of course, this didn't happen overnight. Years later, the team merged with the area responsible for training our customers and thus created the quality standard that we offer today. 

This is how the team was born “Knowledge and Training” who works on internal projects and for clients of the Public sector. In 2020, specifically, we launched our multilevel knowledge governance model, named UniSoft within the context of Softplan. UniSoft was a milestone in understanding the impact of knowledge management and corporate education actions on the unit's results. 

But what does it mean to implement a multi-level knowledge governance model? 

The multilevel governance model is the basis for building a Corporate Network University, structured from intra and inter organizational networks that favor the involvement of all the organization's actors in processes related to knowledge management: socialization, externalization, combination and internalization (according to the SECI Model, developed by Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi in the 90s). 

In this way, processes, methods, tools and people are connected in terms of the responsibility that exists in the knowledge management, especially to ensure the best application of the intellectual capital in business. 

Knowledge management as a strategy

Not surprisingly, UniSoft's “slogan” is: “Your knowledge as the protagonist”, revolutionizing the understanding of knowledge as the basis of everything in an organization, that is, as a strategic resource. 

The main role of knowledge management is promote the right channels to transfer relevant knowledge to customers, employees, partners and business suppliers. 

From onboarding a new Softplayer to training a new customer, from disseminating new features of a new product to preparing a new team for support service, from designing a new process to applying artificial intelligence coupled to the technical knowledge base – everything passes through knowledge. We live in the digital age, but the core is still the intellectual capital retained and maintained in human minds. 

Access to information and knowledge management 

We are experiencing a unique moment in human civilization in which the availability of information is much greater than our capacity to absorb everything we have access to. A revolution in learning models it was enhanced by technological evolution and here we are: lost in an ocean of available knowledge, but often poorly consumed. 

It is important that management increasingly realizes the importance of guaranteeing knowledge management processes to overcome the challenges in this new scenario – fast, uncertain, complex and which requires us to have a great capacity for continuous adaptation. Knowledge management as a strategy is about surviving, transform and innovate in a scenario full of uncertainty and daily revolutions. 

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Carol Prado

Carol Prado

He has experience in large software and consultancy companies (TOTVS, INDG/Falconi, Mastermaq, Nérus), working in project and process offices. Today, he is dedicated to implementing Knowledge Management strategies at Softplan and, like all softplayers, loves sharing knowledge.

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