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We are a strategic consolidator. We want to create communities and strengthen the connection between business, people and technology. Therefore, let's write another page in our history together, this time, launching our content portal. Visão Softplan is a new step towards production and dissemination of knowledge on topics that transform people's lives.

Through the portal, we will make the intersection between lessons from the past and results from the present to build our vision of the future. We will talk about business models, organizational culture, people management, market trends and everything that involves innovation and technology to drive business.

We will base our content on the authority of those who are experts on the subject. Alongside market experts, we will share experiences and insights through interviews with executives, market analyses, success stories and other content divided into 5 sections: Strategy in focus, Business on the move, Transformation beyond digital, Tech in everything e Softplan Universe.

The Softplan Vision Portal was created precisely to help you see beyond the obvious. We will talk more closely with influential leaders in the technology market, from fast-growing companies to the most consolidated ones, based on a thorough curation of content that offers in-depth analyzes of business and future trends.

Our portal will also act as a basis for attracting and retaining talent aligned with culture and values from Softplan. This way, we will show professionals looking for opportunities that we are a place where they can grow and develop.

Finally, the Visão Softplan Portal will demonstrate the positive impact that technology is capable of generating in different sectors of society, as a tool that supports the human factor so that we can solve complex social problems.

I invite you to broaden your perspective with us!​

Softplan Editorial

Softplan Editorial

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