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Innovation to transform. Inspired by this purpose that has driven us for over thirty years, we launched our content hub, Portal Visão Softplan. Here, we share experiences and insights about business and technology.

We will bring advanced content on inspiring projects, organizational culture, people management, technological advances and other topics that speak to impacts of digital transformation on people's lives.

Founded in 1990, the softplan is one of the largest technology companies in the country, a pioneer in the digital transformation of the public sector and a specialist in SaaS business management. It operates in segments such as Construction Industry, Justice and Public Management and specializes in simplifying complexities, making these sectors more efficient.  

On the Visão Softplan Portal we will share all the expertise and business, market and technology vision that we have acquired over the years. Our intention with this is broaden your perspective, so that you are always ahead of the curve on these topicss.

Launch of the Visão Softplan Portal

The launch of the Visão Softplan Portal is another of our initiatives to impact the reality in which we live. Our content simplifies complex markets, combining technology and creativity to inspire other companies, professionals and managers to gain efficiency in solving real problems. We believe that together we are stronger.

Our commitment is to curate detailed content for professionals who seek to expand their perspective and have an even more strategic vision for the market. In this way, we want to lead people and companies in discovering new ways to grow and contribute significantly to social advancement.

Welcome to the new page of our history!

Softplan Writing

Softplan Writing

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