Way Softplan of being GPTW.

Softplayers are our base and we believe that healthy relationships, good communication and respect for a productive and inspiring environment have brought us here. Therefore, we are 3x GPTW!

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Imagem Work from wherever you want!

work from wherever you want!

Since 2021, we have two work models adapted to this new social reality and technological possibilities. Softplayers are free to choose where they wants to work. We have two work models: hybrid or 100% remote, choose the one that best fits your routine.

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At Softplan, the tech teams work integrated to develop our solutions. Learn about our tech areas and opportunities:

Ico Development


Ico Development


Ico Development


Ico Development

Information Technology

Ico Development


Ico Development

Data Science

Ico Development


The business teams connect our strategy, planning and processes. Learn about our business areas and opportunities:

Ico Development

Commercial and Customer Relations

Ico Development


Ico Development

Human Resources

Ico Development


Ico Development

Risk and Compliance

Ico Development


Ico Development


Ico Development



More knowledge and learning for your career

logo tech writers

We are passionate about technology and sharing. With that in mind, we created Tech Writers, a blog where our talents can post content about their specialties in a learning and development environment.

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: Proud Tech is an event made by softplayers for other technology enthusiasts, with the aim of encouraging knowledge sharing in the tech community and strengthening technology learning.

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Our values

Softplan way of building culture

These are the values that guide all our actions and decision-making. They reflect everything Softplan is and aims to continue to be in the future.

Image our values

We trust and value our team, because it is each and every one of us that builds Softplan every day. We believe in healthy relationships, good communication and respect for a productive and inspiring environment.

Responsibility is in our DNA and it includes a strategic vision that goes beyond today’s results. After all, every action we take today has an impact tomorrow. Being responsible is understanding how to build our future every day.

We work better when we think together and celebrate more when one’s achievement is everyone’s victory.

Everything begins with the customer. We are a better company because of them, which is why it is so important to understand their challenges and needs, operating with excellence for the best results. After all, their success is our success too.

Innovation focused on the user, aimed at solving a real problem.
This is the innovation that interests us, which takes us to previously unimaginable solutions.

Employee testimonials

See what Softplayers have to say

Image Union that transforms lives

Unity that transforms lives

“My experience as a softplayer has been one of a lot of learning, and also satisfaction, because I always wanted to be here. I found collaborative, creative professionals who embrace the idea of transforming people’s lives. The main motto we have is: together we are stronger. This is what characterizes us as Softplayers.”

Mariana Lima

Business analyst

Image Impact on society

Impact on society

“We offer a solution that has the purpose of promoting justice that is more transparent, faster and that brings citizens closer. And we can interact with customers and see how much we helped to achieve their goal. This is very important, because sometimes we do not realize that the little brick we are laying is really meant to build a better world.”

Júlia Rodrigues

New Business Analyst

Image Professional development

Professional development

“On this journey, I have already been through the production and relationship areas and now I am in the commercial area. This reflects some of what Softplan is. It is always taking into account our development, offering opportunities that allow our personal growth.”

Janderson - Softplayer for over 20 years


Programs we support

Way Softplan to share technology

We believe that technology belongs to everyone and is meant for everyone, which is why we support several projects whose main objective is to popularize careers in technology, training young people in different areas. Get to know some of them.


We believe that we can contribute to the area and change the world through education and technology. That is why, since 2020, we offer training classes in partnership with Dev in House, a program created by Senai SC and ACATE, which trains developers to be market ready. From this program, several youth became Softplayers.

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Prototipando a Quebrada

PAQ is a periphery social project of technological education which takes place in spaces of social vulnerability in the metropolitan area of Florianópolis since 2018. Softplan supports the training of youth and children in technology, because we believe that by training them and delivering market opportunities, we can transform their worlds for a better future.

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Jovem Programador

The program’s mission is to train young programmers to work mainly in companies in Santa Catarina, with an emphasis on remote work. We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and training new professionals, which is why we support this project.

Learn about the project