We change society through technology at Public Management

Nice to meet you, we are Softplan

We believe that it is possible to make a difference in people’s lives through technology. We promote Digital Transformation in important segments of society, creating innovative solutions with disruptive technologies. For this reason, we are a benchmark company in the technological ecosystem, playing a fundamental role in the economy of the country.


We specialize in specific business segments

We develop management software in the public and private spheres, focusing on the following markets: Public Management, Construction Industry, Justice and Health.
  • Public Administration

    We promote digital transformation for the public sector

  • Construction

    We specialize in the management of construction companies

  • Justice

    We work with solutions for the entire Justice ecosystem

  • Healthcare

    We generate smart insights to reduce care costs


They chose Softplan

Know who already uses our products and transforms lives with us.

  • 55% of the processes of the state sphere go through the SAJ system, which saves 624% of time in the duration of the process
  • Each 200 thousand processes that become digital, we save 27 thousand kg of paper and 50 thousand hours of work
  • The Healthcare Plan Operators and Companies can track the reduction of healthcare waste from about 20% to 30% to the result of the information generated by the DICTAS AI
  • We have about 3000 customers of various sizes in the construction segment

Edge technology to change public and private organs

Innovation to design the future

This is Softplan, a company that has been in the market for 29 years, but reinvents itself every day and in many ways.

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