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Gender equity in the corporate world

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Talking about gender equality within the work environment is a fundamental subject and this diversity leads to more results for companies in several aspects, such as increasing employee motivation, fostering creativity and promoting greater connection, in addition to breaking historical patterns of behavior in organizations.

Our Director of People & Culture, Alejandra Nadruz, wrote an article about the consequences for future generations if we don't start working on diversity and inclusion within companies right now.

Talking about diversity is highlighting a world with more possibilities, respect, union and joy. It is knowing how to generate value for others, dignifying human beings without distinguishing them by race, color, gender or being a person with a disability - but with the exercise of empathy, showing, however, the attitude of empathy and showing that these small advances help us to be a better society and country.

Read the full article published on Portal Delas IG – here.

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