Transforming the Construction Industry

Our solutions for this segment, which is so important for the development of the country, use technology as an ally to manage the works, from the job site to the office, in a simpler and assertive way. Integrate information, facilitate decision-making and get to work!

Construction Industry


Web and mobile platforms for collaboration and project management, planning, engineering and quality at construction sites, purchasing and facilities and maintenance management.

Construction Industry


Real estate maintenance platform that connects realtors to service providers, ensuring quality and agility in serving tenants who need any kind repair in their properties, whether own or rented.

Construction Industry


Plataform platform in the application of Lean Construction to generate efficiency, results and predictability. It offers Line of Balance schedules, which, when connected to the budget, allow you to visualize the best scenario for the evolution of all works on a single screen.

Construction Industry


Intuitive platform for managing construction budgets, which simplifies cost engineering through reliable databases, market indexes and data intelligence, ensuring leaps in performance and results.   

Construction Industry

Construtor de Vendas (Sales Builder)

Innovative platform specialized in sales management (CRM) for the real estate market.

Construction Industry

GO Gestor Obras

Agile and intelligent management for small construction companies. Organize your finances, budgets and control deadlines on and off the job.

Construction Industry

Sienge Plataforma

Specialized software for the management of construction companies, with an award-winning technology that connects your operation with dynamic solutions and smart integrations.

Transforming your business with productivity and efficiency

Digital Transformation not only digitizes your business, but also increases operational efficiency to generate results. Our solutions use technology to the benefit of your operation.

Productivity and Efficiency

Checklist Fácil

Creation and application of checklists that provide more operational efficiency to your business, simplify activities and generate more results.

Construction Industry

We have the largest ecosystem of solutions for the construction segment, optimizing the management of all stages of works.

  • More than 4 thousand customers;
  • We have already optimized more than 22 thousand projects;
  • More than 31 million inputs registered on our platforms;
  • More than R$ 10 billion in materials;
  • More than 1,8 million units.
Construction Industry

Productivity and Efficiency

Our productivity and efficiency solutions combine technology and management to streamline your business operation processes, growing results.

  • Facilitate activities, save time, make the best decisions and optimize results;
  • Take control of your data, make decisions and restructure your operation;
  • Achieve results through standardization and continuous improvement.
Productivity and Efficiency