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In our second episode of Together in Tech, we debated the history of technology development and its impacts. Today, in the third chat, we show how this advancement in technology came about. That's why we invited Construíde's Operations Manager, Flávia Figliolino, to talk about innovative business opportunities that generate a real positive impact on society, as is the case with Construíde.

What is Construíde?

Construíde is a non-governmental organization (NGO) whose purpose is to impact lives through the construction of decent and safe housing. This social project was consolidated almost 5 years ago and helps several vulnerable families, classified in class D and E of society (total income of 0-2000 reais per month). 

Innovation within the Brazilian scenario

During the conversation, Flávia explained her vision related to Construíde's innovation and the importance of having revolutionary solutions for society today. As this is a non-profit organization, what is carried out does not generate a financial return. Therefore, the biggest challenge the company faces today is related to fundraising. 

”When we are faced with a scenario of action specifically for this public that we reach, which is the D and E classes in Brazil, what makes it more difficult is the issue of resources, because innovation takes longer to arrive due to the lack of resources and cultural/social issues.” points out Flávia.

Construíde aims to discover alternatives to enable innovation in places where there is little infrastructure. That is, finding a way that may be simpler to bring decent housing to helpless families to break down cultural and social barriers. 

The role of technology in Construíde

Nowadays, the advancement of technology, along with its application, has been a great facilitator in people's lives. In the chat, Flávia says that her main focus as Operations Manager at Construíde is helping families in need. However, in addition, it is necessary to make contact with agents who can facilitate the construction of housing. In other words, there are two ends that need to have a connection to be able to be made possible. In this situation, those who play the role of technology are those who are concerned with finding solutions to bring innovations to the community. 

It is very common for communities to not have any type of innovation. There are certain situations in which families do not have access to the internet, for example. Technology has the ability to share different types of knowledge and information, but unfortunately many people are deprived of this. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this made learning very difficult, as classes were being taught online. 

“Increasingly, we are moving forward as a society, as humanity, towards understanding that each one needs the other. No one has built anything alone to this day. People who see themselves doing something alone, I believe, have a shorter shelf life. More and more we are seeing the world needing to reconnect” Flávia expresses her opinion regarding the partnership between different areas of work.

Different worldviews that complement each other

Construíde's Operations Manager believes that society is still a long way from coming together in different areas to help each other. Unfortunately, there are many people who only think about their own profit than actually generating any positive impact for the collective. Furthermore, the NGO scenario in Brazil is also delicate and needs more attention from the population. Flávia explained that there are still several obstacles that make it difficult for this innovation to reach everyone. 

However, society is on the right path, it is enough to review some issues so that everything becomes more viable and accessible for everyone. We need to use technology and improve it more and more so that we can unite different areas of work and generate innovations. 

Did you like these reflections? Listen to full chat. In it we talk about other issues related to this social project linked to technology. 

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